Are you a fine gold jewelry brand or designer? 

Rubicon Company can offer you its services of fine gold jewelry making as well as design and additional services.

For the past three decades, Rubicon has continuously been improving and increasing its skills to meet demanding customers' needs for high quality jewelry and design pieces. From a high end American based brand to a young UK designer, our motto to do our utmost to satisfy each of your requests. 

Our strengths:

The Design

The Design Process

Our in-house jewelry designers have been showing their creativity through traditional and state-of-the-art renderings. Both the director and production manager add their "flair" to create the best look.

1)  We receive your drawings, rough sketch are also acceptable.

2)  We revert with hand drawings renderings.


3)  We emphasize on communication, thus, turn any of your request into your dream piece.

4)  Handmade color paintings can be provided.

5)  With our software, the map setting and two dimensional views are created.

6)  With our state-of-the-art equipment, realistic and accurate models are created based on the design.

The production process at Rubicon

1) Master making & wax: Our in-house model makers enjoy a very long experience and high skills to create masters based on 2D or 3D design.

2) Casting & QC: Should you need any gold color such as Yellow, Pink, or White, we do provide high quality results.

3) Filing & Polishing: Our craftsmen have over 80 years combined experience in the production and finishing of the products with many one-of-a-kind pieces.

4) Stone selection & cutting: Thanks to a very efficient procurement department, we are able to source high quality gemstones. Then, our numerous skilled craftsmen, with experience into re-cutting gemstones for high end demand, will extract the best of the stone to shine on your jewelries.

5) Setting & QC:  From hand to laser and/or micro setting, this step is carefully checked to provide the very best results.

6) Polishing and Final QC: After its final polishing step, each piece of jewelry undergoes a final control by the QC department before final approval by the production manager and Mr. Piat.

The Confidentiality

- Constant monitoring of every department (16 channels CCTV system)  - 24/7 security ensured by Seacom.

- Constant monitoring of every department (16 channels CCTV system)

- 24/7 security ensured by Seacom.

Here at Rubicon, our customers always enjoyed the highest level of confidentiality for their design and we enforce strict control and secured working environment so no information is ever leaving our premises. We do also have a very low staff turnover which increases this degree of privacy.

The Communication

Your Peace of Mind is our priority: 

Working hand on hand, we accompany you in your daily life and dedicate our entire knowledge to provide you the best service and quality you could expect and more. From the design to the shipment, we assist you in any of your request and remain at your service at all time. Finally, we do our utmost to ensure deadlines are always met with ensuring that the perfect piece is delivered to you. For years, we have been using the most secured freight forwarding companies to handle your shipments with discretion and safety until it reaches you.