Gem Cutting or the art of lapidary

Rubicon was incorporated in 1987 in the heart of the world most skilled gemstone cutting cluster. However, the lapidary was running through the family blood for many generations dating back as far as early 20th century when the family was supplying calibrated stones to the Swiss watch industry.

Since then, we cater needs for customers worldwide from cutting rough Amethyst to calibrate the most beautiful Rubies.


- Mail us your stones and we will recut them according to your requirements

- Mail us an old jewelry, we can reuse the stones and melted gold for a new design and eventually add more stones.

Some examples of cuts we can do

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Blue Topaz, square cut 3x3

Blue Topaz, square cut 3x3

How lapidaries handle traditional tools as well as modern processes.

With this traditional knowledge, the team is continuously seeking improve the cutting, faceting and ergonomics of the workshops, tools and materials used. If the lapidaries are aiming to perform faceting that is nearly perfect, Rubicon is committed to working with the best tools and anticipating the most beautiful innovations of tomorrow in the art of cutting.

With an excellent knowledge of the different styles of cutting developed by the ancient lapidaries, the art of Rubicon is to reveal and enhance the brightness and colour of a gem while maintaining the maximum weight possible. The varied cuts are selected based on the overall characteristics: the presence of areas of colour, inclusions, fracture or incipient cracks in the uncut stone…

The lapidary also has an excellent knowledge of gems and their crystallographic and chemical properties.

The eye of the lapidary

This is definitely the activity of the lapidary that requires the most comprehensive knowledge of gems.

The challenge of cutting is to produce the finest cut stones in terms of brightness, intensity and colour while maintaining the maximum weight after cutting. The interpretation of the uncut stone is therefore a key stage.

Working on center stones

This involves bringing out the brilliance of the stone by shaping, cutting and/or polishing. Lapidaries can give it a new shape, alter the size or modify the faceting. They pay special attention to the quality of polishing, which has a direct impact on the beauty of the stone. They strive to retain the maximum weight.

A customer explaining how she can play with over 70,000 stones (thanks to different shapes, shades, cuts...).