This precious Carpet measures 122 cm long by 71 cm wide. Prince Jefri who owned it could step on it since it was meant to be his prayer carpet.


The most precious carpet in the world !

This Carpet was made in Paris in the 1980s. Rubicon was in charge to find and recut all the precious stones. It took us 6 months at the time to gather matching selected stones but today given the increased scarcity of precious stones production it would take us at least double that time. As a matter of fact, the proportion of blue sapphires if we had to reproduce it would be dramatically decreased since the Kanchanaburi mine from Thailand  is nearly depleted.


The numbers of stones and their weights, as stated by the manufacturer, are follows :

  • 1,242 DIAMONDS of 511.64 carats
  • 1,298 PINK SAPPHIRES of 727.31 carats
  • 8,428 BLUE SAPPHIRES of 4,834.26 carats
  • 9,668 YELLOW SAPPHIRES of 5,299.31 carats
  • 1,888 RUBIES of 987.50 carats
  • 4.582 EMERALDS of 1.709.80 carats

Total Carats = 14,069.82 carats
Total Gemstones = 27,106 Precious Gemstones
Gold 18K = 15.9 Kg

It involved 17 000 hours of skillful cutting only not to mention setting time and assembling.