The Jewelry Design

We at Rubicon emphasize design and quality on the same level.

Our talented designers are able to create any style and trend our customers require from a simple commercial design to a contemporary or classical style.

We create first a hand sketch, from there, it will become a computer generated illustration.

Once the customer decided to create the design, the CAD designer will make a CAD file from the illustration and produce a file that can print a master or it also can be used to make a handmade master in wax or metal according to the requirements.


As part of the design process 3D technologies have taken an even more important place thanks to its precision as well as its rapidity. Our creative minds are still here!!! but we new tools, we can help cater your needs faster than ever.

We are equipped with an

Ultra HD 3D scanner

to scan stones, jewelries or almost anything.

Rubicon 3D scan of a difficult Opal

Rubicon 3D scan of a difficult Opal

Rubicon 3D scan process

Rubicon 3D scan process

We are also equipped with an

Ultra HD 3D printer

using both hard resins as well as castable resins which means we can design, print and direct cast without having to make a silver master or a mold.


Rubicon 3D printing and direct casting
Rubicon Thailand FIne jewelry manufacturer 3D printing uv curing