Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

How can I contact you? 

Via the contact form or by mail. Our sales representatives will contact you back as soon as possible. 

What are the minimum orders?

There are no minimums per style. Rubicon emphasizes on the quality, yet the possible exclusivity of a piece of jewelry.

Can Rubicon make a design for me? 

Yes we can. At Rubicon, our creative designers can work on a concept an realize drawings for you. We then create renderings either on 2D or 3D for the best result before to proceed following your requirements.

Can Rubicon make a sample for my design?

Yes. You will be charged a mold fee. Mold fees can vary with complexity of design.

Can my items be exclusive?

Yes. Your designs are always exclusive. Rubicon does produce for renown mid to high end fine gold jewelry brands from both Europe and the USA. However, we do carry our own designs that are not exclusive by default and could be purchased by retailers for instance.

Do you have ready made collections? 

Yes. Rubicon does carry its own collections (see tab Our Collection) which are available on purchase for any customers, typically retailers. 

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes. Although based in Thailand, Rubicon is a manufacturing and exporting company. Our production is exclusively destined for foreign markets, mainly Europe and the USA.

How long does delivery take?

Peak Season : 5-7 weeks

Off-Peak Season : 4-6 weeks



Privacy Policy

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All the information shared in the website including the images are the property of Rubicon Co., Ltd.

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If you have any questions about the privacy statement mentioned above, you can contact us via the contact form or by mail.